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Car Key Replacement

Here are a few Q&A‘s we often get asked about car key replacement that might be of help to you.

1. What models do you do and those you don’t? We cover something like 80% of vehicles in the UK, we do not currently really bother with some of the top end because of availability of equipment and cost, so this mainly but not exclusively rules out most BMW & Mercedes, but we do just about everything else although there can be anomalies on some vehicles from time to time. So main vehicles not alphabetically: Ford, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Rover, Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda, Piaggio, Suzuki, Chrysler, Jeep, Honda etc

2. What if the keys are chipped? No problem, some keys are cloned, some are generated from software and some programmed to cars (again back to the 80% rule)

3. What happens if the car has an immobiliser? No problem, on occasions we have to get the immobiliser code from the manufacturers, most times if the client has lost or never had it we can extract from ECU via the OBD [test socket] or by removing chip from ECU and re-mapping

4. If i lose my car key whilst out can you cut a key from the actual car lock and do it on-site i.e. mobile key cutting service? Generally yes, though sometimes especially on old cars it can cost more than the car itself!

5. What are the rough prices for different manufacturers and also your prices compared to them? Based on info provided by a client yesterday for Fords, we are usually somewhere around 20-25% cheaper, but when you have lost your key[s], money is often no longer important, getting mobile again is more important so cost becomes to an extent unimportant, plus we normally turnaround the new keys same day whilst they wait, not waiting to book into a dealer.

Car Remote Replacements

We also stock a pretty comprehensive range of additional and or replacement remotes, as well as an operation test and battery replacement service, plus if you comply to the required documentation we can make a set of replacement number plates. We also rebuild most locks to provide keys for classic`s and key locks to use a single key, “most keys for most cars”.

Using the most up to date computerized key cutting machines and programmes we can produce new car key replacement keys to most cars where the client has the key number, as we also do for desk, lockers, garage keys etc etc, if it’s coded and the codes are released we can usually cut a working key. We can cut about 98% of UK [and some foreign] keys currently in use by duplication and or to code, we make keys to locks, we open locked boxes, safes, make keys to old chests, desks etc. Where a key blank is not available from stock we have a specialist machine to “mill” the key profile into a “rolex” or blank, so that very few enquiries are ever lost. We have three different manufacturer Transponder programmers to keep up with new releases as well as the world leading AD100 Pro on vehicle programming kit.

What’s more, auto locksmiths Surrey have the tools and car key replacement know-how necessary to decode a computerized lock system, which are increasingly common on modern cars.

Why call an auto locksmith or get a car key replacement?

Just think – what are your other options? You could try unlocking the door with some wire or a coat-hanger, but that’s an extremely delicate process which you probably don’t have the patience for. Plus, it will make you look as if you’re breaking into your own car. Alternatively you could break a window and unlock the door. Again, this makes it look as if you’re breaking into your own car – plus you have to worry about the safety issues and the possibility of cutting yourself on the glass. And as if that’s not enough to put you off the idea, you will still have to pay for a replacement window as well and your car will be insecure until you do so.

Where possible we give the best advice for our customers, we try to give “best guesstimate” as to cost prior to attending site which is usually around 90% accurate, if its shop work we can give a 99% price. We are Approved by the MLA [Master Locksmith Association] in 3 categories: General Locksmiths, Auto-Locksmith, Safe Engineers. We have probably the best selection of safes “off” the shelf, plus we always stock a range of manufactures “graded” safes, ie safes which are end of line, slightly to major scratches and bumps at fantastic discounts, why would anybody buy on line, giving away valuable information as to safe supplied to Mr & Mrs Jones of 123 Any Street etc, are these people security screened? WE ARE!

We have probably the best range and equipment for key cutting, programming etc facility for car key replacement for miles, in fact I do not know of any better equipped. So call us NOW for a Surrey auto locksmith and car key replacement on 020 8643 8935

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